You have questions? We have answers.

If after reading through this page you still need more help,
feel free to contact Lisa Kaplan at lab-director@eighthblackbird.org.

What are the dates of The Lab?
June 11-23, 2018. All fellows must plan to arrive by 4:30pm on Sunday, June 10, and must vacate the Besant Hill campus by noon on Sunday, June 24.
Who can apply to The Lab?
Any instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, or pre-formed ensemble up to 6 players can apply.
When can I apply to The Lab?
Online applications will open on October 16, 2017.
I’m in a group. Can we apply as a group?
Yes! Pre-formed ensembles of 2-6 players are welcome to apply using the same guidelines. Just make sure that we hear from all ensemble members in your video statement. Each member of the group will be responsible for a $50 application fee. If accepted, groups are only responsible for one acceptance fee of $250.
How long do my video submissions need to be?
As long or as short as you feel is necessary to demonstrate your unique qualities, but we recommend that each piece or excerpt be no more than 10 minutes. Please keep your video statement under 3 minutes.
What is the acceptance fee for?
The $250 Acceptance Fee is to ensure that you are committed to attending. If anyone decides not to come at the last minute, they would be preventing some other deserving fellow from attending. We understand that for some fellows this might represent a hardship, so we do have a limited amount of need-based financial aid available. Please contact lab-director@eighthblackbird.org if you wish to apply for need-based aid.
What about transportation costs?
Fellows are responsible for travel to and from The Lab. We can provide ground transportation to and from LAX. For transportation from another local airport, please inquire at lab-director@eighthblackbird.org.
Is there any financial aid available?
We have a limited amount of need-based financial aid available. Please contact lab-director@eighthblackbird.org if you wish to apply for need-based aid.
What’s a typical day going to be like at The Lab?
It will vary, but the general schedule will look like this:

  • 8-9am: Breakfast
  • 9-10:30am: rehearsal spaces available for practice
  • 10:30am-12pm: Session (rotating)
  • 12pm-1pm: Lunch
  • 1-2:30pm: Session (rotating)
  • 2:45-4:15pm: Session (rotating)
  • 4:15-5pm: rehearsal spaces available for practice
  • 5-6pm: Salon Hour
  • 6-7pm: Dinner
  • 7-8:30pm: Daily Guest Lectures
  • 8:30-10pm: rehearsal spaces available for practice
What are the Session and Salon Hours?
Sessions will be rehearsals of either pre-formed groups or groups formed for the festival with members of Eighth Blackbird playing within those groups. The repertoire will consist of a mix of new works by composer fellows written for the festival, pre-existing new music works, and projects submitted by fellows. These sessions may include working on memorization, choreography, and stage movement elements. The Salon Hour is an opportunity for fellows to perform either solo repertoire or other work that is developed during the festival for each other in an informal setting.
What if I don’t want to stay at the Besant Hill campus?
Residence on the Besant Hill campus is a requirement. We at The Lab are striving to create an immersive artistic experience, and a tight-knit community is essential to that. Some of the best ideas come out of casual mealtime conversations, and some of the best collaborations are born out of late-night jam sessions. We don’t want you to miss out on any of that. The accommodations are lovely and the food will be great. And, hey, it’s only two weeks.
I’m having problems with this website. What do I do?
We’re sorry to hear that! Please contact webman@eighthblackbird.org.