Danny Clay, composer

Danny Clay is a composer and teaching artist from Ohio, currently based in San Francisco. His work is deeply rooted in curiosity, collaboration, and the sheer joy of making things with people. His projects often incorporate musical games, open forms, found objects, archival media, toy instruments, classrooms of elementary schoolers, graphic notation, digital errata, cross-disciplinary research, and the everything-in-between.

Recent collaborators include Kronos Quartet, Third Coast Percussion, Sarah Cahill, Phyllis Chen, Post:Ballet, Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Areon Flutes, Mobius Trio, the Living Earth Show, Friction Quartet, MUSA Baroque, Anne Rainwater, Elevate Ensemble, the Trinity Alps Chamber Players, Mabel Kwan, David Grollman, Karl Fousek, Greg Gorlen, Jon Fischer, Joseph Edward Yonker, Quinn Walker, Wil Bolton, Stijn Hüwels, and Nobuto Suda.

As a teaching artist specializing in composition with elementary schoolers, he frequently collaborates with his music students in San Francisco, orchestrating projects with professional musicians and composers alike including Phyllis Chen, Friction Quartet, John Lane, Jerod Sommerfeldt and others. He has taught workshops for young artists with organizations such as Little Opera, the San Francisco Opera, 826 Valencia, Thingamajigs, the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Composers and Schools in Concert (CSIC), and the Buckeye Valley Local School District. He currently curates Project Object, a net-label of experimental music by kids.

His work has been released on Parlour Tapes+, Patient Sounds, Hibernate Recordings, IIKKI Editions, Unknown Tone Records, Eilean Records, Rural Colours, Phinery Recordings, Heat Death Records, Futuresequence, Tessellate Recordings, and Turmeric Magnitudes

He also serves as a resident curator at the Center for New Music in San Francisco, a frequent host of Music from Other Minds on KALW radio.